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abortion pills in dubai

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What is the abortion pills?

The common name for using two different medications to terminate a pregnancy is “medical abortion.”

First, you take a pill called mifepristone. In a pregnancy, the hormone progesterone is typically needed for it to develop. Mifepristone stops your body’s own progesterone, preventing the pregnancy from progressing.

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Then, you take another medication, misoprostol, either immediately or 48 hours later. This medication causes pain and bleeding to empty your uterus. It’s similar to a heavy, crampy period, and this process is very similar to an initial abortion. If you do not experience bleeding within 24 hours after taking the misoprostol, contact your nurse or doctor.

Your doctor or nurse can provide you with both medications at a healthcare center. In some states, you can have a virtual visit and receive the pills through the mail or pick them up at a local pharmacy. In some states, there are laws requiring you to make separate trips to a healthcare center before obtaining the abortion pills.

Your doctor or nurse will provide you with detailed instructions on where, when, and how to take the medications. They will also discuss potential side effects, such as pain and nausea, and help you manage them.

Are abortion pills available in Dubai, and how effective are these pills?

“Abortion pills in dubai are highly effective. If you are taking mifepristone and misoprostol, their efficiency depends on how far along the pregnancy is and the dosage:

  • Within 8 weeks of pregnancy or less, it works approximately 94-98% of the time.
  • At 8-9 weeks of pregnancy, it works around 94-96% of the time.
  • For a pregnancy at 9-10 weeks, it is effective approximately 91-93% of the time.
  • If you take an additional dose due to any misunderstanding, it works nearly 99% of the time.
  • At 10-11 weeks of pregnancy, it works approximately 87% of the time.
  • If you take an extra dose due to any misunderstanding, it works nearly 98% of the time.

Generally, both mifepristone and misoprostol taken together are more effective than just using misoprostol.

It only works for abortion when used correctly, and its effectiveness, around 85-95% of the time, depends on how far along the pregnancy is and how the medication is administered.

Abortion pills in dubai are typically successful, but if they are not, you can take a higher dosage or seek an in-clinic abortion.”

When can I take the abortion pills in dubai?

Generally, you can use abortion medications up to 77 days (11 weeks) after the first day of your last menstrual period. If it has been 78 days or more since the first day of your last menstrual period, you should consider an in-clinic abortion to terminate your pregnancy.

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Why do people choose the abortion pills in dubai?

The choice of abortion method depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. With medication abortion in dubai, some individuals do not require a doctor’s office visit. You can self-administer the medication at your convenience, either at home or in a comfortable setting of your choice. You will need to decide whether you want someone to be with you during your abortion or if you prefer to go through it alone.

Since medication abortion is similar to a natural process, many people perceive it as more “natural” and less invasive. Additionally, for some individuals, a provider who offers in-clinic abortions may not be readily available, making medication abortion pills a more accessible option.

Your doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider can assist you in making the decision on which abortion method is best for you.